Moraine Lake

This is such a classic location. Is it really easy to get to? I see a lot of photos from this spot on the lake. Big tourist destination or what?

Winter in Alaska

Here’s a [higher resolution version without the watermark.](

Cabin in the woods

I like to make sure that anyone I know who hasn’t seen it go into it cold like I did. It’s MUCH better that way, I knew nothing about it, and I’m glad it kept it that way. So good.

Cabin on the snowy mountain side

It’s in Chesières, Switzerland. [Higher res version.]( Looks like [this guy ]( it. Edit- bad link.

Pisew Falls, Northern Manitoba January 2014.

It sure is, there are lots of great camp spots up here, you should make a tour in the summer, check it out for yourself. Anything from back woods camping to car camping. I take my students to this waterfall every year, only an

Amsterdam during Winter

This is not Amsterdam but nearby Leiden. Also, most winters The Netherlands aren’t cold enough to get a thick enough layer of ice to stand on. And IF it gets cold enough, it’s never more then a few consecutive weeks. Still, we have good

Harmony Ridge, Whistler, BC

I guess if you had to miss a season, this was the one to miss. Alpine was great but absolutely no snow on the bottom half of the mountain. Still the best ski resort in North America…

Today in Eastern Finland

Oh, how nice! I wish I could live that north, the snowy time here is awfully short.. Although I’ve been thinking about moving to somewhere near Kittilä or Muonio in a couple of years, but we’ll see. Preferably a small house 10 kilometers away

A Snowy Road

Doesn’t really matter. I was guessing Michigan. Glad someone asked though. Otherwise I would have gone the rest of my day thinking I was right.
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