Lichenstein Castle, Germany on Christmas Eve…

[Ask and ye shall receive]( [Source](, with more pictures of the castle interior

Fall by the lake in New Hampshire

Thanks. It is [Lake Winnisquam] ( shot from this [bridge] (’07.3%22N+71%C2%B030’[email protected],-71.5114722,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0)

Mount Baker

I see Baker out of my living room window. I feel lucky to live in a place where such beautiful mountains are right out our door step.

Hartford, CT

I agree. The vibrancy of the New England autumn color is very beautiful. What sucks is that in a few weeks, most of those trees will be bare of leaves.

Snow covered forest outside of Norrköping, Sweden

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A Quiet Night in the Alps

This is honestly one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. Has anyone found out what town it is? Because I’d love to know, I believe my future home is just off to the left there.

Perfectly encased in ice during an ice storm.

The ice is formed from a slight drizzle falling at temperatures below freezing. This is possible due to temperature inversions — higher temps at higher altitudes, instead of the usual opposite. As more water falls and freezes on surfaces, (in this case, the leaves

“Reflected II”, Romanescu Park, Craiova, Romania by Dragos Ionescu

Source: [Reflected II]( by [Dragos Ionescu]( on []( Available for [HD Download]( and [Framed Print]( Request for [Royalty Free License](

A frozen waterfall in Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina

Source: [Frozen]( by [Guillermo Palavecino]( on []( Request for [RF License](

Winter in Reine, Norway

Really? I think it looks pretty warm and cosy 🙂 Heres why: * The snow hasn’t piled up anywhere, (not even the mountain) – this must be the beginning of winter. * The warm sea is abunant around the island, and it isn’t frozen.

Snowy morning at a ski resort in Italy

That’s “Monte Lussari” in Tarvisio, the most north-easter municipality in Italy. And it’s actually a breathtaking sanctuary built in the 16th century: Nice photo btw 😉

Yellowstone River at -54 F

I took it in 2007. It was too cold to ski up at Big Sky so we decided to drive down to Yellowstone and do a little snowmobile touring. SO worth it. I wish I’d had better camera gear. The rest of my pictures