Top 1000 Autumn Pictures

Collection of leaves in Richmond, Va

These are beautiful, especially bottom left and the rightmost one on the top. I’m about two hours east of you, and we’re pretty green but our maples are just starting to turn, and we’re getting a *lot* of mottling like in the bottom right.

Grindstone Creek, Ontario

It’s pretty long, but here’s an accessible part of it – [map](’21.2%22N+79%C2%B051’[email protected],-79.863107,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0)

My backyard Stockholm, Sweden

It’s that moment when you come home in the afternoon, after a long day and you have nothing on your schedule. The rains starts pouring down outside and you are sitting safely and dry inside your house with a cup of coffee, looking out

Morristown, NJ today

Well I live in Andover/Byram which is RIGHT into sussex county. My boyfriend works in Morristown so it’s not too far. But There are a lot of hiking trails around here that are really pretty (leaves are starting to fall however) They are called

My picture from 2012’s autumn It means the darker areas lack tonal range. Like you “clipped” off the dark end of the histogram and made everything from that point down black. Not necessarily a bad thing, as it can be used for effect like in this photo. It’s

Creek in Tyrol shot using a tilt lens

Actually, in this case post would have achived the same thing. But, sometimes it makes sense. To Expand Focus when shooting Macro or just selective focus thigies like this one: I use a tilt adapter M42 – E-mount, so no expensive Canon TS/E

Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, NC

What a beautiful picture. I was supposed to leave yesterday morning for a motorcycle trip to Great Smoky Mountain NP from Maryland, via Skyline Drive and the BRP. Unfortunately work seems to have gotten in the way, again :*( I will stare at your

East Tennessee morning

I actually live in Middle, but travel to East fairly often. There are a lot of things I dislike about TN but the scenery will never be one of them.

Forest in the Czech Republic

Source: [Fairytale Forest]( by [Martin Rak]( on []( Request for [RF License](

Autumn in Russia

Much nicer. Still oversaturated though. I don’t understand the appeal of gilding a lily, but it seems pretty popular.

Lone Church in the middle of Autumn

You see those all over southern germany, austria, switzerland and they all are catholic.

Garden of the Gods,Southern Illinois (OC)

It’s just the drive that’s been keeping me from going, I’m all the way in Chicago so I’m sure its more than 5 hour drive, if i were to drive that far to go to a preserve I would definitely stop and check out

Autumn Road, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

South Mississauga, not too far from Clarkson station.,+Mississauga,+ON/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x882b44541c6f24bf:0x4cbd39d285fac824?sa=X&ei=7caNVNe8DouiyASI8YLQCw&ved=0CB4Q8gEwAA

Parfrey’s Glen WI

You can’t just dial up the saturation to +100 and expect it to look good. Those yellow is way over done and the blues look ridiculous. Try adjusting the colours individually and don’t go overboard.

Arlington, VA on my commute from work.

This is a paved path called Four Mile Run right near bluemont park, it parallels the old rail-to-trail W&OD through the trees which is why I prefer it. (W&OD is relatively flat and straight) I attached a screen shot of the google map location