Top 1000 Winter Pictures

Amnicon Falls in Winter

I’ve found it to be pretty accessible in the winter, as long as you don’t beat the plows there after a heavy snowfall. The tracks from my car were the first ones in the snow the day I shot this, but it fortunately wasn’t

Yosemite Chapel In Winter

I went to Yosemite this last December, and thanks to the current California drought there was hardly any snow to be seen at all. It was limited within shady surfaces.

Winter night in Bergen, Norway

[Ash Trees?]( [Here’s a gardener’s blog on that part of Bergen]( You can see the same type of tree in the Fortress’ garden too (which is just off to the right of this location). Location on [Google Maps](https:[email protected],5.3294,3a,75y,233.11h,93.96t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1suAnmysLidqcuMWPFDfzA7Q!2e0).

Taking the dog for a walk

Fotoforensics says the window is indeed altered (photoshopped). Just by looking at it (telling by the pixels and from seeing many shops in my day) it also *looks* altered to the naked eye. I am indeed intrigued…we’ve got a charming photo of a child,

Morning walk

Having moved to a place with cold dry winters with lots of snow and a reasonable amount of sunshine… I feel your pain. I really hate those damp, overcast, no snow winters that are common in most places.

Chicago after heavy snow

> we have same amount of snow every winter week No, you certainly don’t. This picture is from a storm which dropped about 24 inches of snow on Chicago over the course of about one day. That’s about equal to Moscow’s [all time record

Resolute Bay, Nunavut

I had to send a bunch of equipment we have up there to Cambridge Bay, NU. I think whatever vehicles that were used to build the air strip were just moved somewhere else. There is still a huge graveyard of old trucks and heavy

USA – Eastern PA

I visit family around Christmas and the highlight is shoveling snow and cleaning ice out of the driveway. No clue why, but it’s relaxing. Too bad it rarely snows in the southeast US.

Pikes Peak, Colorado

This place runs an awesome hill climb race annually. I suggest to everyone reading this that you attend it at least once in your lifetime.