Top 1000 Winter Pictures


[Its on this street](https:[email protected],7.574295,3a,75y,202.09h,84.6t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1shs7FeTG8Z8_D8ONMPU_Aag!2e0) Due to the trees I couldn’t find the exact spot, but the light posts match up.

The Great Wall after a snowfall. Beijing, China

Imagine taking a ski lift up through lush green mountains, the sun just rising over the horizon, and stepping off gingerly onto a crumbling stone pillar. You climb to the top and see the whole world spread before you, framed by a mighty ancient

Lonely Park in Prague

It wasn’t too bad when I was there, I’d recommend going late spring / early summer and checking European school holiday dates don’t fall during your booking.

Lake 22, Cascade Mountains, WA

I go hiking every saturday in the area so its really what ever the weather presents us. Getting to Lake 22 that day was crazy, it was pretty much like walking up a stream. For reference on the snow pact here’s a pretty good

Winter from my front porch

well those are certainly the two best looking photos I’ve got, so it definitely doesn’t always look like that. [Here’s a few photos taken within the last 24 hours](, looking one way down my street, then the other, and then the same view from

Winter in Northern Lake Baikal, Russia

Same subject from the same set from the same artist. Is that really “different”? You’re a mod, you should be searching for unique photos to enrich this subreddit. Oh, and don’t yak about a “different subreddit” if you posted it there, too.