Top 1000 Winter Pictures

Winter in Northern Lake Baikal, Russia

Same subject from the same set from the same artist. Is that really “different”? You’re a mod, you should be searching for unique photos to enrich this subreddit. Oh, and don’t yak about a “different subreddit” if you posted it there, too.

Winter Bride,-32°C, Sälen, Sweden

Fair enough. I live in Minnesota, USA, and we had a miserable winter, and consistently were dropping into that -30c range. It was terrible. I must ask, did you edit out anything on the bride? I’m thinking her breath…?

Backcountry snowboarding in Hakuba, Japan

I’ve been there many times for business and didn’t leave the Tokyo metro area. Last weekend, I flew to Hokkaido for some unbelievable powder snowboarding through treetops and scenery (Mt Yotei, Lake Shikotsu). Our guide said that is snows so much that when they

Heavy snowfall in Western New York

I recently moved to the Oregon coast and it doesn’t really snow here. I got nostalgic for winter and started looking back through my NY photos. I definitely won’t miss driving in it though.

A blizzard in New York City

Meanwhile, a couple months earlier in November in Buffalo: [A skid loader removing 4-5 feet of snow in the street. He needs to back up and get a headstart just to push through a few feet of it.]( (The driveway had already been cleared

Winter in Pennsylvania

I would *love* to shovel all the damn snow if that means I *get* snow! But seriously, isn’t it nice when you’re done with shoveling and go inside for a warm cup of hot chocolate? 🙂

Leavenworth, Washington

I’ve been to Leavenworth, WA multiple times as it’s within driving distance. It is absolutely worth a visit in the winter. They go all out with the lighting and the shop owners are fantastic. It’s a busy little town but completely enjoyable. Give it

A bit frosty up on the top. Åre, Sweden

Been there two weeks ago, I had never seen anything like it. This was the cabin at the top View post on Sorry for the shitty filter. Unfortunately the top part of the station was closed most of the time due to hard